Active, globally diversified, ETF-based strategies


  • Actively pursues outperformance
  • Broad asset-class exposures that include liquid alternatives
  • Opportunistic and intuitive allocations
All investment strategies have inherent risks. These risks include risk of loss including loss of principal.

Passive, globally-diversified, ETF-based strategies


  • Low cost
  • Tax friendly
  • Low turnover
All investment strategies have inherent risks. These risks include risk of loss including loss of principal.


Actively risk-managed US and global index ETF-based strategies


  • Actively seeks downside protection
  • Transparent risk-management process
  • Seeks to provide risk-managed exposure to high-expected-return assets
All investment strategies have inherent risks.  These risks include risk of loss including loss of principal.

Enhance your business with these white-­labeled sales & support resources.


Sales Resources


A single-page (front-back) introduction for your clients to the investment methodology (Adaptive, Structured, or Tactical) and the value proposition of its related strategies


Strategy-specific details and representations of model-simulated or GIPS-compliant results over the prior period(s).


Presentations decks covering methodology, strategies, performance and historical data for use in client-prospect meetings


A powerful video illustration of sector volatility and correlation to the S&P 500 used as a complement to the presentation deck


Designed and programmed web-page content for inclusion in your website

Client Service Resources


As-needed reports providing timely updates and adviser talking points in response to client concerns during volatile market environments


An end-of-week infographic report on the status of risk-asset positions, plus brief commentary and updates


An end-of-month summary of markets and investment strategies


An end-of-quarter review of macro-economic market conditions and events

Writers’ Bureau

A team of specialized writers, writing for you

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At CataMetrics Management we take the written word seriously. With our experienced team of professional writers who understand our industry, you can have confidence that the communications we provide to you are well-written, understandable, compliance-sensitive, and delivered in a timely fashion. Our writers’ works have appeared in premier publications, and they have specific experience in financial investment commentary, copy writing, reporting, analysis, white-papers, and original research.

Branding & Design Studio

Globally based talent pool of creative design specialists.
White-labeled sales and support tools designed to your specific brand standards and key messaging.
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Performance Reporting Consultants

Become one of our premier partners and benefit from our Complimentary Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) consulting and management services.

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Benefits to your business:

  • Increase the valuation of your asset-management business
  • Enhance your investment-management value proposition to help attract new advisers
  • Avoid the distraction and cost of designing and managing your composites
  • Demonstrate your firm’s commitment to meeting the highest performance-reporting standards in the industry

Services included:

  • Develop and implement your GIPS policies and procedures
  • Construct and maintain your composites on an ongoing basis
  • Calculate your composite-level GIPS statistics
  • Create GIPS compliant presentations
  • Manage your GIPS verification process
  • Lead or participate in your firm’s GIPS Committee meetings

Benefit From Our Experience: Our team of GIPS professionals have over 20 years of combined experience and have worked with firms from $100 million to $100 billion in assets.



+ - Portfolio Construction

Seeking to generate alpha through an adaptive portfolio construction process that modifies allocations based on the current market environment.

  • Remains nearly fully invested through most market environments
  • Underlying allocations are guided and constrained by the beta exposures of the investible Global Market Portfolio
  • On a quarterly basis the strategy selects investments from a list of over 100 pre­-qualified traditional and smart beta exchange-­traded funds (ETFs)

+ - Process

A systematic, quarterly investment process that seeks to provide an optimal balance between expected excess returns relative to the benchmark while seeking to minimize the risk of underperforming the benchmark.

  • Adjust the allocations quarterly based on a review and recalculation of the investible Global Market Portfolio
  • Review the total qualified ETF universe quarterly to identify newly attractive and qualifying investment options for consideration within the quarterly rebalancing
  • Optimize the portfolio quarterly by modifying exposures to underlying betas and adjusting the portfolio’s allocations

+ - Key Features & Benefits

Provide investors with strategies that leverage market insights with the objective of outperforming their benchmarks over time on a downside-­risk-­adjusted basis.

  • Seeks to realize alpha through active asset-­allocation decisions and active security selection through ETFs
  • Opportunity to express short-­term tactical themes or respond to heightened market risk in the development of more timely and intuitive allocations
  • Ability to access a broad opportunity set including, liquid alternative and total­-return funds

+ - Strategies

  1. 1. Adaptive Balanced
  2. 2. Adaptive Moderate Growth
  3. 3. Adaptive Growth
  4. 4. Adaptive Defensive


+ - Portfolio Construction

Efficiently pursuing market returns through a diversified basket of low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

  • Construction based on a traditional stock/bond framework with allocations guided by the Global Market Portfolio
  • Each portfolio rebalanced quarterly based on a maximum and minimum allocation band
  • Broadly allocated with exposures across more than 6,000 companies in over 45 countries as well as sovereign and high-­grade corporate debt
  • Implemented exclusively with low-cost ETFs

+ - Process

A disciplined process that is focused on delivering the desired level of return and risk over the long term through consistent and effective exposure to the targeted basket of market betas.

  • Quarterly review of each portfolio holding to assess tracking error, total holdings and trading costs including the effects of ETF liquidity
  • Quarterly rebalancing to target allocations
  • Annual allocation adjustments based on changes to the Global Market Portfolio

+ - Key Features & Benefits

Provides investors with durable, academically based portfolios that are built on a general belief in market efficiency.

  • Low cost
  • Tax aware
  • Low turnover (trading costs)
  • Passive risk management and low index tracking-­error
  • Designed to achieve global market index returns
  • Intuitive performance

+ - Strategies

  1. 1. Structured Global Conservative Growth
  2. 2. Structured US-­Focused Balanced
  3. 3. Structured Global Balanced
  4. 4. Structured US-­Focused Moderate Growth
  5. 5. Structured Global Moderate Growth
  6. 6. Structured US-­Focused Equity Growth


+ - Portfolio Construction

Using an active risk management algorithm to seek returns over time from a near 100% allocation to US and global equity­ asset classes while only allocating to fixed income in unstable environments.

  • Construction designed to primarily provide exposure to high­-expected-­return asset classes
  • Composed of highly-­liquid, low-­cost, low tracking­-error ETFs
  • Asset­-class exposures captured as granularly as possible in order to isolate and manage asset-­class and sector-­level risk

+ - Process

Risk levels can change quickly and dramatically turning a diversified stable portfolio into a high-­risk unstable portfolio. By measuring risk in a granular way on a daily basis, the process seeks to maintain a stable and appropriate risk profile through all market environments.

  • Perform multiple daily risk measures based on realized volatility to identify unstable asset-­class or sector exposures
  • Seeks to reduce or exit unstable asset classes or sectors and move to cash until sufficient stability returns
  • Annual assessment by the investment committee of current and prospective asset classes, allocation size and other desired themes
  • Annual investment committee review of capital-­market assumptions and strategic allocations

+ - Key Features & Benefits

Provide investors with portfolios that offer an alternative approach to risk management that avoids the reliance on strategic allocations to low-­returning, high­-opportunity­ cost fixed­-income assets.

  • Active risk management and downside protection
  • Alternative approach to risk management in a low and rising yield environment
  • A unique and diversifying investment methodology that serves as a complement to traditional investment approaches
  • Potentially an ideal strategy for non-taxable assets

+ - Strategies

  1. 1. Tactical Conservative Global Growth
  2. 2. Tactical Global Growth
  3. 3. Tactical US-­Focused Global Growth
  4. 4. Tactical US Large-­Cap Ten-Sector

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